Ah, what a joy it is to become inspired. Your heart races beneath your skin, a delicious pounding sensation that serves as a constant reminder that in this moment, you are alive. Purpose is flowing freely within you. Your thoughts and hopes and ideals flutter around in your head like wild things caged until you open yourself and let them fly. They burst from you with screams of delight, leaving you feeling airy and weightless, and as they race forward, unrestrained, you’re so enchanted by the freedom of it all that suddenly you’re running with them. Air is rushing past you along with visions of landscapes and unexplored territories that all blur together- so many things not yet seen. The world once again becomes new.

Inspiration is being given renewed strength for the days ahead. Not only are you now willing to face the future, you are ready to jump up and embrace it. You are bold again -joyously reborn- and willing to pursue those fleeting moments. Grab life up in your arms; hold it close as a lover. Make it part of your dance. Look it in the eyes and say, “Lead me, darling,” until then you’re sweeping across the floor with life as your guiding partner.

Adventure offers itself to you, but you must first answer the door and greet it as an old friend, for adventure has been with us all. It has lain closely next to us in sleep, warming us with its homely presence, dwelling in our dreams. It has whispered into our young ears, nudged us into tall wardrobes, encouraging us to seek Narnia. It has lounged on our windowsills, rambling on about pixie dust and a silly young boy named Peter. It has snuck in between the pages of our favorite novels and crouched hidden in the tiny space between chapters nine and ten, ready to burst out at you as you turn the page. Adventure does not always consist of traveling to far-off places and trekking across wide, open plains to reach the castle of a princess, however. Oftentimes, adventure settles into unused shoes and one must only slip them on and walk out the door onto an open road to discover it there.

I got caught in whirlwind of inspiration one night, and this came to me. I don’t think it’s quite finished, but I’m very happy with it so far. Feedback, anyone?


Thoughts? I love those.

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