Write My Name

“From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.” ~Edvard Munch

Write my name.

Write it in ink.

Write it in blood.

Write it in the drops of soul

That flow endlessly through the

Veins within you.

Write it upon the earth so that it

May never forget that

I was here.

I existed.

*   *   *

Scream my name.

Scream it from the rooftops.

Throw it to the wind,

Throw it to the birds.


Give it to those who have nothing.

Feed it to the hungry.

Share it with the discouraged.

Rip it from my body like a still-beating heart

And make something out of it.

*   *   *

Burn my name.

Create such a fire that

The whole world will stare a moment

Before returning to the

Normally uninterrupted business

Of spinning on its axis.

Smother my name with gasoline,

Strike a match,

And send it exploding into oblivion.


My name wants to go out with a bang,

Not a sputter and a cough.

*   *   *

Do not leave it to sit cold, lifeless, and petrified

On a tombstone in some forgotten courtyard.

Smear it off like a thumb across coal

And wipe it on everything you see.

Leave traces of me in strange places

Where strange things can grow

And strange people can soak

In the infinite memories of me.

*   *   *


Write my name.

Write it in the sands of time where

The greedy, earthly ocean tides

Can never wash it



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