Wanderlust Thoughts

The adventures in storybooks were

Never enough for us, no.

We wanted to pull the grass out from the pages

And tread on it with our own two feet.

We wanted to grasp the swords from

The soldiers’ hands and

Go charging into the castle ourselves.

Maybe we don’t have to want

What everyone else wants.

Maybe we can just wander the

Plains of the world,

Selfish and weightless,

And pretend we’re the only ones who

Ever had the sense to do so.

Let’s find the fields that call to us

In dreams, because

There is love and time to be drained

From us yet.

Do you want it too?

I’ve seen the same life led through

Hundreds of different bodies.

Let’s abandon our names on the

Vacant chairs and picket fences

We’ve left behind us

And go discover something.

Routine is not enough to satisfy

My raging spirit, so

Traveler, if you feel as I do,

Let’s go get lost in that

Tangling mystery of



2 thoughts on “Wanderlust Thoughts

Thoughts? I love those.

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