Infinitely Aged Souls

Has anyone ever told you

There are stars trapped inside your eyes?

They float in your pupils,

Caught in the mists of your soul,

And I’ve aged a millennium just

Tracing their wiry constellations.

You wear your past lives

Like a dress around your body,

And ashes under your skin.

If I reach out and brush your arm,

Will they stain me too?

Then can I carry eternity with me,

As you do?

*   *   *

You are young,

But you are old, so old

That knowing you has left me

With wrinkles and creaking bones.

Have we met before,

Child of Time?

Tell me of your many journeys

Around the sun, and

I will sit like a toddler on your lap

And listen forever.

*   *   *

You must have seen it all then, darling.

The high and low points of the world.

You must have known mankind

In all its beauty and ugliness,

And I am unsure whether

To worship or

Pity you.


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