Your life is never more

Than a dance to them, sweetheart.

So don’t you go pleasing them.

Don’t let me catch you doing

Spins and twirls across the floor

To their meager delights

When it’s in your nature

To stomp and scream

And tear the music from the air,

Ripping it to shreds

As you go




Taking it along with you

To the bowels of the earth.

I will have you dance to no

Sweet, soporific music

For soothing the unworthy.

Let them find their rotten contentment

In places other than

Your heart and soul.


Even if they laugh at your

Interpretation of beauty and

Your attempts to be graceful.

Please, your grace captures

What their trivial minds

Cannot comprehend.


Even if it brings you to your knees

And cracks your bones and

Scrapes your elbows down

To a bloody mess,


Lift your skirts and

Show your ankles

And raise your face to the rain

In defiance of all those

Who would have you

In chains.

Dance, love.



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