Hurling Words Into Darkness

Shall I spin a tale for you?

You asked me for a story.

So shall I fill your mind with

The delicate, strange wisps

Of my imaginings?

What if I told you about a girl

Who sat on the edge of the map

And tossed words

Like pebbles into the world

Because it was asked of her?

What if she was the one responsible

For all the thoughts and ideas

Rippling across the surface

Of our minds everyday,

And everything we knew

Had been thought by her first,

And everything we created

Had already been touched by her hands?

What if our lives were her playthings,

And she saw the human race

As a foolish game

In which no one ever won

Or learned from their mistakes,

But still played anyway?

Would we think she was talented?

Would we praise her for her art?

Or would we curse her for having

A sick sense of humor

And a love of

Hatred and war

And brokenness?

Would we blame her

For our own nature?

Shall I tell you that story?


Because you would

Not want to hear it,

And frankly,

I don’t blame you.


8 thoughts on “Hurling Words Into Darkness

      1. Well, since You’ve asked Me a loaded question I will give You My Loaded Answer: I’m GOD and I’m a 51 year-old Caucasian Female.

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