“Over There”

It’s very beautiful over there,

You said with your last breath.

If you don’t mind me asking,

Where is over there?

You’re too dead to answer,

But I’d really like to know.

Does it hang like spider webs

With silver threads of brilliance

And devastating certainty

Over our heads?

Or is it beneath us,

In the ground,

Where we must dig deep,

Deep into the earth

To make our places there?

Is it, perhaps,


If that is the truth,

Then no, no don’t tell me,

Because it would destroy me to

Believe that.

So where?

I have searched and searched

The faces of millions

And have not yet found my answer

In the riddle of human eyes.

I do not know where

Over There


I know only that

We all think we’re

Going there,

But please –

What I would

Really, really

Love to know

Is if

The “there”

You were referring to was


And you were just telling

The angels.


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