At Heaven’s Gate

They turned me back.

Apparently my soul was not worthy enough

To tread their holy ground.

I held my hand out to their god

And waited for his blessings

But he looked through me

As if I were glass.

So I drifted away,

Damningly transparent,

And found myself

Passing once more through gates

And under marble arches

Back into the purgatory

They had crafted for others like me.

Because I did not sit inside

Their stuffy churches

And sing their hymns.

I gave their god glory

In my own heart

Instead of kneeling for him

At an alter.

But I had loved immensely and

Found beauty in others

And written poetry,

Hadn’t I?

But that was nothing to them.

Because I had gone out

And lived their sermons

Instead of saying them.

I stopped before pitching myself

Into the darkness and thought,

Was I to accept the

Wrongful fate they had given me?


So I went to find my own gods,

In the forests

And the glassy rivers

That were as see-through

As I.


4 thoughts on “At Heaven’s Gate

  1. Very nice. Does this come from personal negative experiences with organized religion? I’ve been enjoying the theme!

    1. Thank you. And no, no negative experiences exactly… I’m actually a very spiritual person who just doesn’t like to be tied to organized religion. I am often criticized for my way of thinking, and this poem is a response to that. I appreciate you asking!

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