Breaking Ignorance

Some walls are built

To be torn down, my friend.

They’re the kind that go up

When you’re not looking,

With bricks

And slabs of concrete,

On the foundation of your own


Everyday you must work to

Scrape away the drywall,


With your fingernails.

Everyday you must work to

Break your ignorance

By smashing the windows of your


And sending the glass flying,

Shards into your skin,

Shoving awareness

Back into you.

Our bodies shield us

From the truths of the universe,

For if I were torn away from mine,

I would know heaven and hell

And the ways of God.

But right now,

There is no truth.

There is only doubt,

And faith,

And I choose faith,

Because doubt is a parched,

Sandpaper-lined throat

And I was never one

For being



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