Don’t Grow Cold

Don’t grow cold, dearest,

don’t let them do that to you.

You’re too young to hate the world.

Cynicism is the worst kind of ailment –

don’t let it drip into your blood,

it’ll kill you quicker than cancer.

There is a place on this planet for laughter,

and it is on the faces of children,

so don’t you cast yours downtrodden

at the ground –

there’s a world around you;

look there instead.

Don’t train yourself to see everything

in black and white,

life isn’t a 1920s photograph.

There’ll be plenty of time to ponder the darkness

inside your coffin,

so take in the colors now.

Don’t push away happiness at the world diner

in favor of the salty tang

of despair and heartache.

Taste it – I promise

you’ll like it.

Don’t grow cold.

There’s enough bitterness in humanity;

don’t carry any in you.

You must be the lighthouse

upon the shore of your heart,

leading all incoming ships

into the safety of your harbor.

Please stay lit, because

the day you go out will be the day

I lose myself forever

to Poseidon’s raging seas

and unforgiving cliffs.


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