I was walking to the bus stop this morning

when I came across a crevice in the road,

a break in the asphalt where a

single dandelion had decided to grow.

Because I am curious about weeds

and things that flourish when

they are told not to,

I knelt down on the street and

pushed my hand down into the crack

as far as it would go,

down into the darkness of

the flower’s sanctuary.

When I pulled my fingers back to the surface,

the blackness came tumbling out with them,

along with all the empty space left

untouched for centuries by the sunlight,

brought up by my presence

and eye for the hidden.

I always go looking for things

that shouldn’t be found,

secrets that aren’t mine to share,

but I’ll tell you this:

there’s a lot more darkness in

this world than I have

ever imagined.


10 thoughts on “Crevice

  1. See…I’m really glad you commented on my blog because after I read the nice words you had to say I decided to take a look at your wordpress and am so very happy I made that decision. Your words are incredibly beautiful, and wonderful, and I couldn’t be happier that I stumbled upon them. Going to read more of your stuff right now!

    1. Readers like you make my day 🙂 Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback, it is greatly appreciated! I look forward to keeping up with your writing from now on.

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