Rain on Skin is an Art

Little girl with a rain poncho on,

holding her daddy’s hand,

she bounces in between each falling drop,

splashes in each puddle she comes across,

because there’s too many still things

on this planet and they all need to be

kicked up by children.

Each sheet of water

crashing through the sky

drops down only to kiss her face,

leaving a wet sheen upon her cheeks

as she turns them upward,

blossoming forth to greet

the waterfall of the air.

It slides down her arms,

her legs, her spirit

in a wild cascade of freedom,

sounding all too much like

the beating of birds’ wings

and the swish of kite strings

in a wind that cannot tame them.

Inspiration strikes my poetic heart

so I pull out my notebook

and write in thick, bold scrawl:

May there always be little children

for rain to dance

atop of.


6 thoughts on “Rain on Skin is an Art

  1. These words paint beautiful pictures in my mind’s eye. I smile and remember to go outside next time it rains and get lost in the experience. Thankyou.

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