Where the Beauty Was

Not in the lighting

or the drinks

or draped over the chairs,

but hanging in the air

above our heads,

gracing the scene with

a touch of the


Smile upon smile,



joining with the cries

of the crickets

and the taste of the breeze,

dancing up into the night sky

to live forever on

in the past.

It was magical

for an evening

to sit on a porch

and talk about

nothing important,

to relish in a moment

so simple it was


so saturated with love

it was dripping,

the air so heavy

with the sea

and our stories

that it rested onto

our shoulders –

a weight I will be happy

to carry the rest

of my life.

It was dreamy to get

lost in a lantern haze

with the hum of midnight

all around us,

illuminating us,

consuming us.

I would get lost with you

in this darkness

for an eternity

if I knew how.

All I know is that

when I look back

and they ask me

where the beauty was,

I will tell them it

was here,

on these rocking chairs,

and this paint-chipped porch,

under a Carolina moon.


4 thoughts on “Where the Beauty Was

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