Death by a Parting Glance

All because two people fell in love –

the designated phrase over

every baby picture.

Label me doomsayer for asking

the question, but

what about the

All because two people

didn’t fall in love


Tell me,

how many lives have been lost

in a parting glance,

a quick decision not to say hello,

not to greet the quiet

stranger next to you at

the bus station?

How many futures have been silenced

in the delivery of a rejection letter,

in a bundle of flowers not sent,

in a fight flung back and forth

between drunken lovers?

These are lives we’re playing with;

some things shatter louder than

wine bottles.

And how many deaths have there been,

among the lost high-school sweethearts,

and the Shakespearean tragedies

wreaked like hell upon our hearts?

Where do those children go?

To the place where so lies

the bones of our slain passions

and rotten dreams of love.

No man has ever walked those

barren wastelands and returned

to tell the story;

I have heard it is murder to all those

who step foot there.


9 thoughts on “Death by a Parting Glance

    1. Yes, I knew this poem would sound heavily like abortion (which is a whole other conversation, and one that I will save for another day 😉 ) with a twist to it. I’m glad to hear that you liked the idea! I hadn’t been too sure about it.

        1. My own feelings over the issue are complex. Personally, it is something that I would never do and that I would not approve of anyone I know doing because I find it to be fundamentally wrong. And yes, I label abortion as “murder”. However, that being said, I don’t think it is in the government’s place to regulate what goes on in a woman’s body. That’s overstepping a few boundaries, in my opinion. I also think that women (if determined enough) will find ways around the law if such regulations are ever put into place. In essence: I don’t believe in abortion, I wish it wasn’t something that happened in our world, but I also believe in the rights of the individual woman to make her own decisions – decisions that, whatever they may be, she will have to live with the consequences of the rest of her life. Just some food for thought 😉

          1. Very well stated and I believe my husband, who’s a doctor, shares your views. I’m just all-or-nothing on this matter which I feel very strongly about, but I also do not feel that abortion should be considered a punishable crime. In fact, I feel the whole justice system, for countries everywhere, should be overhauled. I feel that by taking a firm stand on Right To Life from Conception, I am starting somewhere, fundamentally, to re-hash our whole situation on this planet. I value Humanity first and foremost as I believe it’s been given a raw deal by religion.

            1. I love it when people take a strong stance on something they believe in 🙂 I absolutely respect that – and thank you, Joanna, for sharing these beliefs with me. As I’m still pretty young in this world, I am always looking for new opinions to hear!

  1. Natalie, This is fantastic. This is the kind of thing that could lead to hours of discussion.

    How many more non-reactions are created by non-actions than reactions that are created by actions. It’s a good case for seize the day or the idiom that it’s the things you don’t do that you will regret, not the things you do.

    so amazing. Nice job! 🙂

    1. Exactly! 🙂 It makes me so happy to know that my readers are on my wavelength! Thank you, Eric, for hitting the nail right on the head – and also for the feedback!

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