Walls of Darkness

Sometimes I get so afraid

that the walls of darkness

building up outside my windows

will come flooding in,

wash me out.

Who am I, against the

mountains of the world?

But for my voice ringing out

over these dead valleys,

I fear I am the only one

left here to face them.


9 thoughts on “Walls of Darkness

  1. We’re all on the front lines if you add it all up…. dark darker darkest. So? dance little sister dance…. in what ever way your heart moves you. It makes a difference…it’s real

    1. You are wonderful. I feel that we are both – as writers – in the darkest places… but perhaps those are the most beautiful? Let us dance in them 🙂

      1. It is the responsibility of writers and other creative people to hold up reality in clear view so things can be improved. You illuminate well with your words.

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