Flash Apocalypse

A thousand moon-streaked sidewalks,

a parade of fairies frozen mid-dance,

a flame held in stillness, captivity,

a patch of wall the light hasn’t yet reached,

the moth with its wings quieted,

the world has slowed until the grains of sand

have ceased to move underneath us and the

sun stands, at a final peace, on its high pedestal;

the rivers have stopped in their pursuit of the waterfall,

the bullets released from their guns hang suspended in the air

without hope of ever reaching their targets,

the chirps of the birds have been caught in their throats –

let no wild thing sing, let no man speak, let there

be a time for everything to be understood,

and let the air go untouched, let the oxygen we breathe

have a chance to breathe, let the world sit

quiet for a moment to take in what it has become.


14 thoughts on “Flash Apocalypse

  1. Good poem — I am waiting for this too, though out of it I see a magnificent joke of such proportion that the whole world will laugh AND AT THE SAME TIME. Everyone will get the joke and nobody will be left out.

    1. I’m afraid I like your joke a little too much – you’re such a daring thing, throwing God into corners. I might have to join you 😉

      Great work on that poem, by the way. You are magnificent.

      1. I feel funny commenting on my poem on your blog — I don’t really have to say anything — and since you said you were “speechless” I’ll just say I feel so good that we can relate to each other’s thinking and writing. I always look for your responses.

  2. The world did pause when I read this brilliance. Control of time, through wordcraft. And after a while, I began to breathe again and the world resumed rolling, having caught its breath as well.

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