The Verdict

She came as if from a great cloud,

her hair a mass of constellations,

her skin a milky hue.

It was morning time, and the mortals

were just waking –

pouring their coffee, ironing their shirts,

and reading their newspapers.

She looked upon them like a teacher

might look upon a misguided student,

with distaste and with remorse,

because they had, after all, missed

the entire point,

and she didn’t feel like explaining

it all over again.

She knew that with a touch of her hand

their world would disintegrate into nothing,

but she was wise, the cloud woman,

and understood the very cruelest punishment

was to let them be,

so she turned and vanished back

into the sky from whence she came,

leaving them to their

lives and their

ironing boards.


9 thoughts on “The Verdict

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