I Have Walked

I have walked the corners of myself,

a beggar in a strange city,

and found dark alleys I’d never enter,

(though there were footprints there)

mountains I would

never dare to climb,

trenches I didn’t want to know

how deep they went,

or what was in them,

craters in grass fields where

something must have hit,

left a bruise,

playgrounds long abandoned

by the laughter of children,

bulldozed over to make room

for maturity now.

I am lost over the inner-workings

of my mind, uncharted as the sea,

and when I come across gardens,

am confused how things grow here

in the absence of a sun,

leaving me only to conclude

that somewhere in this godforsaken place

is a light, under which these flowers grow,

shining for perhaps more than one reason.


9 thoughts on “I Have Walked

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