I waited a lifetime to be told something

I already knew,

now it’s rooted in my heart

like a pine tree –

wither, wither,

it is winter

in my soul,

yet it stays alive because

it has no leaves to give

to a world that cannot

ask any more of it.

The truth has sunken into my eyes

like a year of sleepless nights,

lingering here,

not meaning a thing,

tears have slipped into my veins

like liquid youth, keeping me alive

against a waterfall of nothingness,

this is not what I wanted to cling to.

The blood in me is not blood,

but a life I’ve chosen,

a voice chasing me down the streets

of sanity that I’ve lost

through a promise to live well,

live well,

the oxymoron of my existence,

and I’ve held the hand of angels

though their grace has burned me,

because I have believed

in the evanescent,

believed in the fall

of the horizon,

only to become it,

in the raw hours before

death and the

sun’s rising.


14 thoughts on “Evanescent

      1. Loved “Birthday,” by the way, thank you. Also suggested your site to a young friend of mine (daughter of a good friend) on Facebook — she is here: itellstories.blog.com (the site seems to be down right now, but well worth looking up when it’s back)

  1. Beautiful poem. It’s not really that closely related, but it reminded me of an Avett Brothers song “Winter in my Heart.” http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/t/the_avett_brothers/winter_in_my_heart.html. As poetry the lyrics are not that fascinating, but the music coupled with the words on this album (for you youngsters, that’s a collection of music thematically related & meant to be played together πŸ™‚ ), The Carpenter, is breathlessly, heartbreakingly, beautiful.

    1. Thank you! That’s really beautiful – I’m happy it came to your mind after reading this poem πŸ™‚ And I agree, I am always enchanted by how a simple song put to a lovely tune can transform into something magical. I feel this way about a lot of Beatles songs.

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