Down the River

I’ve fallen off

the edge of the map,

a little rowboat,

straight down the river

and into the night,

 to see we are all moons

dancing atop an axis,

who can’t even tell

we’re spinning.


9 thoughts on “Down the River

    1. Thank you Joanna – and yes, moons do spin. We just can’t tell because one full rotation on our moon’s axis takes the same amount of time as one orbital period (around our planet). Which is not coincidence, and is also very interesting, because it has to do with the effect the Earth’s gravity has on it 🙂

      1. Which is ALSO very interesting when applied to this poem! It’s as if the moons themselves can’t even understand they’re moving, or why. Although in poetry, gravity has nothing to do with it 😉

  1. “I’ve fallen off the edge of the map,” Nice.

    There are times I swear you’re spying on my life. Except that I’ve JUMPED of the edge of the map. There is a universality of human experience in your words that capture me every time you write.

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