Theory of Theories

I was a never a math person,

never soothed by its logarithms

and theorems, never comforted by

formulas you could put something

into and always get something back.

That was never the way we were.

The only equations I wanted

to solve were the ones on your face –

also, of course, the ones to which

I could never find real answers,

just the imaginary ones;

square root of negative one

would solve everything

if only it existed.

There wasn’t a graph where

we could plot the points of

self-destruction and redemption

except your skin, where I could

trace equally the lines of falling apart

and pulling together, shooting

off into infinity like a ray,

an unstable gasp of motion

we lived our lives by.

And the theory I hold of theories

is that they are supposed conclusions

of numbers and reasons

that never touched the meaning

we were always searching for,

but could have found had we

been looking in the human heart

rather than a calculator screen.

I have found everything;

it’s breathing inches

beneath your skin

in the places no one

ever bothered to look.


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