Sometime in the Morning

In the beginning

we were nameless,

before the labeling

and the classifying,

we were nothing,

and being nothing,

we understood

nothing, and

words could not

contain us

because we were


the bare kind,

the very naked kind,

easy to look through

but impossible to catch.

In the beginning,

we were not lovers,

or fighters,

or artists,

we were simply


and being that,

we were angels,

until we started

naming instead

of feeling,Β 

and when we

stopped feeling,

the beginning slipped

into a middle,

the morning into

an afternoon, and

we fell like meteors

from the sky,

burning stones,

but never, ever

hit the ground.


19 thoughts on “Sometime in the Morning

  1. To me, this is very much about the conversion of non-verbal experience into the linearity of verbal experience. It happens with each of us between babyhood and education and is a great loss. I’m glad to read in your poetry that you’ve hung on to the non-verbal world as you’ve collected your words.

    Another great poem.

    1. Spot on, Alice! I was hoping someone would catch onto the fact that this was very much inspired by the transformation of child into adult. The way children see the world is so pure – everything is beautiful. You don’t have to know what something is to know it’s beautiful. It’s sad to lose that feeling. I try to hold onto it, to savor it everyday πŸ™‚ As writers, I think we’re doing a pretty good job of it.

      1. Keep with this. I remember a lot of my early childhood before and while I was learning to translate the world of experiences into word. Words seemed a small funnel to cram my experience through. People misunderstood me a lot. πŸ™‚

      1. Oh, wow, so happy you are enjoying it. It is a brilliant book. BTW, there is going to be a centennial celebration for Rukeyser in NYC on Dec 5 at the NYU Law School. The line-up is still getting worked out, but should be spectacular (in a poetic sort of a way). You might want to take a field trip πŸ™‚ I will put details on my web site when I learn more. M

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