Stitching in the Silence

Your mouth is a sewing machine;

it knits the world quiet,

stitches the noise out of

every thread, leaving behind

a bare note of silence

we all tune ourselves to.

Every hole in this world

belongs to you, every spot

of emptiness, for where you

uttered your words, everything

else abandoned ship –

leaving your sentiments to

the company of themselves,

alone in our thoughts to remind

us that only in the dark heart

of the orchestra can the

melody be heard clearly.


10 thoughts on “Stitching in the Silence

  1. “your mouth is a sewing machine” I LOVE this line but I probably took it all wrong. I laughed out loud in delight. I suppose you meant it more seriously than this.

    But I’m VERY tired. I drove all day in the pouring rain from the northwest corner of France and just got to Toulouse in time to cook dinner. I’m exhausted. So this line reminds me of someone long ago who called me “razor mouth”. He was a writer (and I wasn’t back then). This was supposed to be a comment on my ability to cut to the heart of things with my words.

    Anyhow. If I took it all wrong, look at it this way. I’m in France making my new dream life come true and I’m here reading your poetry. This means you write some cool stuff.


    1. I laughed when I wrote it, too! How else to describe a voice like that? Alice, you’re amazing – and I love your “razor mouth”. I’m so grateful to have a reader like you 🙂


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