The Barless Cage

I fade as the universe takes its

pieces of me and runs like a child

with fire; give the world matches

and it sets itself aflame.

I stand here like a statue

as they come and chisel away

at my stone, shipping me off

in crates and cloth bundles,

thoughts that strayed, hair

that grew too long.

I am a prisoner here,

caught in a cage without

bars, and as I fade

I make sure to create

every stain upon this place

so that when they wander

here, they will know that

something stood, eternal,

and chose not to run.


9 thoughts on “The Barless Cage

  1. This beginning is breathtaking — such strength. And it gripped me through the whole piece, right down to the stain. It’s the whole “writer leads a life twice” thing…

    Thanks for coming by, by the way, and the thorough reading. Love your visits!

        1. Quite, quite – English class considerably so, my teacher is amazing šŸ˜‰ – it’s just that I struggled a bit to find time for writing this week. Always find my way back to the pen, though.

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