In the Upturned Palm

I think sometimes I rest in the

upturned palm of possibility;

I can so easily be dropped onto

the concrete below but somehow

keep myself upright, clinging to

the calloused fingers of hope,

faced towards the sky.

And in all this openness is

a cave that won’t let me out

of its god-awful black womb

but will sometimes give me fire

with which to throw shadows

against the wall and terrify me

with the size of my own darkness.

My freedom is my imprisonment –

I am a daughter of failed possibility

and possible failure, but, as always,

there is the ever-present promise

of being led out, and away.


13 thoughts on “In the Upturned Palm

  1. ” clinging to

    the calloused fingers of hope” I like his line. Me and Hope, we don’t get along. She has such rough hands. I live in the hot silent space between regret (past) and hope (future). I avoid touching even the skin of either.

    1. Yes, but don’t we have to let ourselves be touched sometimes? Otherwise, we fall through (to what, no idea – but still πŸ˜‰ ) I like the middle, grey area you speak of, though. Sometimes it’s nice to float in the nebula. To feel a part of something more, different.

      1. Yes. I fell completely through and away from and out of reach of Hope last week. Only then did things change. Free fall away from hope is the spy of miracles.

        At least this is the way it worked for me this week. πŸ™‚

          1. I landed very well. Sometimes landing well is only available from a very noxious free-fall situation. There was over a week of gut-wrenching careening before the hurricane plummet.

            We suddenly moved from Brittany (northwest France) to the the southeast of France on the Mediterranean coast.The sky is blue and the air smells of lavender. πŸ™‚

            I shall use my next star wish that you have the “free fall moment” you desire.


  2. I am truly blown away by this piece. You write with such conviction and self awareness. So unusual for someone your age. “my freedom is my imprisonment, I am a daughter of failed possibility.” Remarkable line.
    Keep Inspiring

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