‘No Title’

I take a moment out of a hectic life

to observe my trashcan, where

forsaken ideas are a staple,

crumpled notebook paper

is holy water, and

titles are a rare commodity.

I am sorry for the nameless

things I have created –

they were the price for all other

pieces of fleeting beauty

that launched great escapes

from my mind and into

the universe, that were able

to leap from that cliff without

breaking all their bones.

The ‘no titles’ are as big a part

of me as the masterpieces,

for behind words of grandeur

that were met with love

linger the misfits, the uncalled-fors,

waiting for a chance to find the

voice that was never given to them,

and the names that never hung

quite right over their

malnourished bodies.


10 thoughts on “‘No Title’

  1. This! Sometimes I feel so bad for the unfinished poems, the half ideas that never seemed to fully form. Undecided whether to just let them go or to persevere. But I know the best writing happens, mostly, with a good flow of thoughts. Yet other times the perseverance pays big dividends…

    1. I agree! I feel that my best poems are written in a burst of hurried inspiration, while ‘thinking too hard’ produces poor ones. Ah, the creative process! It’s such a mystery.

      1. I think if I can finish the writing started on the same day, or within 24 hours if overnight drafted, I can retain connected with the original inspiration and enjoy the results. After a few days the mood has passed and likely never return just the same!

  2. I have stacks of unfinished and unnamed. I rarely get back to a poem I left behind unfinished. Poems are so fleeting and part of the moment they’re born in.

    You di a good job of capturing this. 🙂

  3. Beautiful! And so true. I am in the same camp with the others above — timing is everything when it comes to a poem. Sometimes I can go back and tweak, but that is all. Very eloquent, Natalie, as always.

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