Quick – I’ve Something to Say

Electricity – nothing more,

nothing less, through every

inch of this eggshell mind

that cracks and snaps,

can sometimes be painted,

made not-so-broken.

Volts – nothing bad,

nothing sharp, just light

streaking across every plane

of this geometric swirl,

taking a brush and rotating

smooth, slick, like the flick

of a wrist, this is madness,

this is creativity.

This is the tossing together

of patterns and lyrics,

the stitches that can be crossed

over language and music

and love, love, love,

chasing, ever, that crazy

notion that we could be

as important to something

as something is to us,

that art could tie a human

being up in a pretty red

ribbon, but no, not the case,

we’re not palates, we’re not

vessels – we’ve got skin,

and the paint washes off

because we can’t stand that

touch of dirtiness and

shameful originality.


10 thoughts on “Quick – I’ve Something to Say

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