For You

And for you, my friend?

I wish you adventures.

I wish you subway tunnels

and interesting strangers

and unlikely conversations.

I wish you scalding-hot afternoons

and fingers laced through yours

pulling you into the best of disasters –

I wish you books, and English tea,

and days spent jumping on trains and

going wherever is next on the list.

I want each kiss to feel like your first

and each sweaty hand in yours to feel

like mine, and I want you to go with

madmen chasing monsters in the stars

and never come home.


9 thoughts on “For You

  1. I agree with JCC. This is either the best wish-gift I’ve ever received or the most skillfully woven curse in the universe. If it’s the first case, thank you. If the second, it can go to JCC. 😉

    May all your moments be great love.


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