The Going On

I have fallen into the night and

there is no tomorrow, not here.

And the only promise I can pass

over the abyss from me to you is that

this is the truth, but it too is a lie.


14 thoughts on “The Going On

  1. Good God! Natalie!
    So often it seems that you and I are translating pages from the same book.
    Seriously. It’s kinda’ spooky.
    I have been working up the courage to post a series about this very idea. Questions of truth and identity and how much we can really say about ourselves. It comes from my struggles with The Deaded “About” Page.
    Not sure what’s been holding me back, but you have given me the courage to go ahead with it.
    Thank you for that.
    Keep your eyes open…

    You speak of the only truth I know.

    1. Now there’s something I would DIE to read! Looking forward to it!

      I love writers. I love the way we feed off each others’ ideas and questions and answers. It’s a special kind of madness 😉

      Keep those truths coming.

  2. …fallen into the night and there is no tomorrow, not here…
    Reading this recalls dark depressive times where even the sunrise of a new day couldn’t bring any light. And then the truth that is in fact a lie, so appropriate to those moods. It is your only truth but it is a lie.

    Beautiful in so few words, clever poet!

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