Nighttime Verse

When the sky is black,

I take it into my heart.

I like it best when it looks

like it could eat me alive,

when it hangs over like

a ceiling and I’m getting

too tall to fit under it

and I might need to buckle

my knees to contain myself.

I think I’m a dream catcher –

I hang over nightmares,

love to scoop them out

of minds but never seem

to know what to do with them

once they’re wrapped up

in my fingers and my hair,

so I give them a home

in my body along with

the lonely moon and the

carnivorous sky and

tell them to read bedtime

stories to each other.


11 thoughts on “Nighttime Verse

  1. I like how this poem almost starts out “normal”. But by then end, I’ve been swept way past the child-eating witches of the Brothers Grimm into a land with a blood hungry sky. I shall be imaging what the inhabitants of this land must do to deal with their sky as I fall asleep tonight. Thanks for tickling my imagination awake yet again. 🙂

Thoughts? I love those.

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