Trivialities #2

And the children on the swingset

thinking they can swing into the sky

and that the sky isn’t already

coming for them.


10 thoughts on “Trivialities #2

  1. And I’m looking at the numerals on my slow-cooker waiting for my magic numbers. In five minutes — and I’ll be telling my readers if anything EVENTFUL happens.

    Are you going to write a series of these “Trivialities” poems? They’re good and they’re useful.

    1. Something eventful is always happening. One of my favorite quotes (I have lots of favorite quotes, by the way) is “Everything happens so much.” And none of it is really trivial at all, actually.

      Yes, I’ll be writing more of them. I’ve been wanting to do a collection. A town is coming to my mind – my town, your town, any town. I need to write about it.

      Thanks as always Joanna, you are too lovely a reader.

  2. Oh Goody! A series!
    Profound these little
    trivialities, no?
    Whole cities
    full to bursting
    with them.

    when forces of nature
    come for us.

    Love that this starts with “And…”

    Are we catching a
    mid-stream glimmer
    of a sky-caught mind?

    1. Perhaps, perhaps! “A sky-caught mind.” You seem to have summed me up in three little words. It is that simple, and that complicated.

      Every bit of this was perfect 🙂 I smile so much whenever I read your comments.

      Yes! Onward to find these trivialities which turn out to be not-so-trivial. Hopefully will learn something about myself along the way.

  3. Loving the not-so-trivial contrasts within these poems. Before was beauty and ugly/greyness. Now fun/freedom and ominous doom. I’m looking forward to one day reading a poem that starts all these off, that leads into all the “And…” poems. A great series definitely worth expanding.

    1. The “And” poems… I really like that 🙂 I think that’s what I might call them.

      These comments are very encouraging – a poetry series is something I’ve never done before but have been wanting to experiment with for a long time. I think I’m ready now.

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