Trivialities #3

And under the streetlights

people are waiting for the bus

that is never coming.

I admit when they sit there,

all glazed-eyed and


I want often to go

and wait with them.


10 thoughts on “Trivialities #3

  1. Is it too early to vote for a favorite?
    They just keep getting better and
    more evocative–this but stop…I
    think I’ve been here before…stuck
    but too happy to be stuck and thinned
    out to near invisibility…that bench has
    a gravity of dreams to it…a pull in the
    head…to a place one should not stay
    for too long or one may never get up…

    1. That is the best thing you could have said to me 🙂 Not so trivial at all – thanks for noticing.

      You’re definitely getting the spirit of these poems. I am so grateful.

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