Trivialities #5

And who’s to say that

these stories weren’t floating

around that town, dead-eyed

like the rest of us, and I, lowly

poet, only scooped them out

and served them up as my own?

I think there’s no such thing

as originality – these were

someone else’s poems

before I got here.


10 thoughts on “Trivialities #5

  1. Yes, but a truly original person can take the dead husk of an old story and create something worth while. The idea of this poem may have been floating around the ether but you received it and made something we all like.

  2. Some say originality is but
    undetected plagiarism.
    Some may find this thought
    depressing but I myself am
    liberated by this dead eyedea
    and I thank the gods I no
    longer have to worry
    about being original.

    1. I agree – I find it a comforting thought 😉

      In my English class, we always talk about the “one story,” and how there is only one story in the world and everything we say and write is just a retelling of it.

      This is my favorite way to think about the universe.

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