And I’m Always Bothered

Poetry, damn it.

Poetry everywhere

and everyone writing it

and no one reading it.


15 thoughts on “And I’m Always Bothered

  1. Its like energy. It does not disappear it just changes the sphere. You write bits and bytes ones and zeros, but words and even spirit! It does not stop being peotry, just because some eyes could not see…

  2. You are one of my favourite poets on the blogosphere, or anywhere. I know what you mean about not reading the poetry (I’m guessing) all over the place in book form — I cannot seem to manage The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson — they stay on the bottom of a three-layered lamp table in my living room, mostly as “reference.”

  3. You have such an eye for the truth. This is exactly right. Everyone writing and no one reading. How can any of us expect to become famous and rich from our writing when things are this way? 😉

Thoughts? I love those.

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