The Perpetual Fight

Clench my fists – they feel

like stones at the ends of my arms.

This is the avalanche, simultaneously

swallowing and getting eaten alive,

this is the perpetual fight.

March into every battle,

I want to save the world from itself.

I want to free the broken, gently

tear their fingers away from their

throats, it’s okay,

this is the perpetual fight.

I want to heal every wrecked

pair of hands and teach them

how to read again, touch

piano keys again,

this is the perpetual fight.

I want to dismantle every

system that sits its fat ass

on top of children and teachers,

they’re suffocating,

that, too, is the perpetual fight.

Save them, save all of them.

I’m starting to think even

this poem is a perpetual fight,

and we’re losing on both ends.


9 thoughts on “The Perpetual Fight

  1. It is so bloody difficult to remain positive, isn’t it?
    It’s a horrible battle to have to fight.
    It’s a horrible place in history to find one’s self.
    It’s probably the same place that all poets have ever found themselves.

    1. This was probably the wrong thing to say at the wrong time, but I just read a report about how, by definition, we officially live in an oligarchy. I’ve been saying it for years but to have it made to sound so legit….depressing.
      But we have our words.
      At least for now.

      1. A truth that makes me worry for your generation and my daughter’s. Truly tough times. I feel like I just can’t even wrap my head around what it must be like to look at this world and where it’s heading. I feel like there is precious little I can do to help.

        1. It is a horrible feeling – perhaps the most horrible feeling in the world. I feel like we’re all standing around helpless, waiting to be saved. I want to do something.

          And so I write about it.

          1. And you do it so well. Your words will move mountains if you let them. If you give them room to grow into mountain-movers.
            And I too write. And I feed people and hope in both to maybe make the odd person or two’s day a little better, or at least different…noticeable…maybe a little more awake…
            …and I’m doing my best to help this little human being with the huge heart and the endless imagination and the astonishing mind figure out how to find her way in the world even as I am still trying to figure it out for my self…

            1. Johnny, I appreciate this more than you know 🙂 Yes. Let us grow our little mountain-movers. Even if they only come to move anthills, I will still be proud of them.

              And thank you for your endless support. For that, I have no words.


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