Sorry for the Inconvenience

People turn away from me.

This girl is an investment.

I know I’m heavy.

I know I take time.

If you wanted an apology

for taking up space,

here it is.

Sorry for loving you

when you didn’t want me.

Nobody wants the poet’s love –

no one but everyone, I understand.

You just want something written

about you, I get it.

Here it is.

Sorry it took

so long.


9 thoughts on “Sorry for the Inconvenience

    1. Haha Alice, this is most certainly not about you!

      This one, unlike most of my poetry, is about one person in particular. They don’t even deserve it. I don’t know why I wrote it. It was born out of a lot of anger and frustration – things I want to say to them but can’t. Y’know how it goes.

      Thanks for reading, regardless 🙂


      1. Natalie,

        ((Droop)) Not about me??? ((SIGH)) 😉

        Boy Howdy, yes. I know how it goes… wanting to say something to a specific person out of anger and frustration. Today, for example… never mind. A quick private poem in the morning perhaps will do.

        I’m still reading. 🙂

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