Conversation with No One

You ask me if

I’ve seen myself around.

No, not lately.


13 thoughts on “Conversation with No One

  1. You seem very much around with all your writing — are you trying to “find yourself?” A maverick psychiatrist who’s book on the non-existence of schizophrenia I’ve just finished reading, says (in not these exact words) Rather than finding the self, the self must be created. I am not sure how anyone could be “helped” to accomplish this, but I will say that in October of 1993 I had this very experience and it did leave me feeling that I was somehow “complete.”

    1. Very much, Joanna. I’m just writing and trying to figure out what I can learn about myself along the way. I think this is my way of “creating myself.”

      Hope I can experience what you did 🙂 Looking forward to the day.

    2. I have for a long time felt the (sur-)reality of the self as illusory so…if the self is an illusion, so too then would schizophrenia be non-existent.
      I only ever started to come close to feeling “complete” when I stopped trying to complete my self.

      1. Yes. When we stop thinking of ourselves as incomplete, as something to finish, we start getting things done – we start getting ourselves done. I need to keep this in mind.

  2. Funny to think that if we saw the backs of our own heads, we probably wouldn’t recognize ourselves.

    And I agree–I think we create ourselves. More accurate to be non-greammatical and say we create our “selfs.” They are really just fictions, convenient fictions perhaps, but fictions none the less, so we may as well have fun with them–write them the way we want them.

Thoughts? I love those.

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