I Admit

I wanted to write that tragedy –

the man with the briefcase and the death wish

who took a long look at his life and said enough –

but he never showed up.

I wish I could say enough.


7 thoughts on “I Admit

  1. I’m not so sure about which “enough” I read here–I think I rather like the ambiguity of the term in this piece and how it flips and makes you wonder….just what is meant? But then…if ambiguity were one of the muses, she would be mine….I love nothing in a poem quite like a good juicy bit of ambiguity.

    1. This made me smile 😀 Thanks for catching on to that! ‘Enough’ is probably the most important word in this poem. It means different things to me every time I read it, so even I’m not entirely sure!

      1. I LOVE it when I am not
        entirely sure about a poem
        that I have written. As that
        means that I am not sure
        about my self and this is
        most reassuring and the
        only way to be
        certain about either…

        (…yet more juicy ambiguity…)

Thoughts? I love those.

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