somewhere, in some corner,

on some edge and the last sheet

of notebook paper in the cosmos

someone is writing down these words

and it isn’t me.


18 thoughts on “somewhere

      1. Hmm..Stolen from Douglas Adams, I’m afraid “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe,” sequel to “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” Really great reads BTW. Funny as Hell.

          1. I figured you may’ve read it. A classic.
            Not much time for poems these days I’m afraid. It’s down to poetry or sleep mostly, and sleep usually wins. It’s a frustrating thing not having the time/energy for it, but it’s for a bevy of good reasons. Pretty wondrous things happening. More on that soon…
            Still working on things when I can…hope to post something in the next few days….hope…damn hope…
            Your stuff is as full and powerful as always.

            1. I think all writers know that struggle. My life thus far has been defined by periods in which I was intensely inspired and driven, set apart from all the time in which I wasn’t. You’ll find the muse (and/or the time) again, I have no doubt 🙂

              And you know I’ll be here waiting, glad for anything and everything you have to offer. Your writing is a gift to all of us. Looking forward to it!


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