Interview with the Storyteller

You speak so lovingly

of a life you have not lived,

he said.

Where exactly does

it all come from?

– where does it go?

and I can only say

that the stories act

like flies – after

I open the window

and let them in,

they only leave

after they’ve

eaten all

my fruit.


8 thoughts on “Interview with the Storyteller

  1. Lovely. And you have lived. Just not all of it yet. But no one alive has lived it all yet either. If one waited to write till one had lived it all, one would neither write nor live. Keep writing.


    1. Yes 🙂 I must keep this in mind more often. I seem to have two emotions lately: inspired and depressed. When I’m not one, I’m the other. Maybe an artistic way to live, but not a good way to live.

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