A Coin Only Has Two Sides

I have two emotions:

inspired and depressed.

When I’m not one,

I’m the other –

which is maybe

an artistic

way to live,

but not a

good way

to live.


5 thoughts on “A Coin Only Has Two Sides

  1. “Life… Don’t talk to me about life.” Quote from Marvin the depressed robot in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

    Yup. It’s pretty much like that. Only the peaks and valleys gradually blunt over the years.

  2. There are indeed two sides to the coin. And yet there is also the edge. A balancing point between them both. It is a rare find, yet can be experienced along the path of mindfulness and offers a serenity and comfort that is both fulfilling and nourishing.

Thoughts? I love those.

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