I watch the rain and wonder

what it would be like to splash

into a puddle of yourself.


18 thoughts on “Rain

          1. Oooo. Too much rain? I know the feeling and it stinks. I’m an Oregon refugee.

            Sorry. Drop down here to drought land. We have fog in the morning but no real rain for months. Good on the spirit but tough on the shrubs.

            1. Yep, I’m way over East – so much rain. So, so much rain. We haven’t had many clear days yet this summer.

              I’ll have to feed off your good spirit 😀 Hope you’re getting lots of sunshine, Alice! Tell that rain to buzz off, find somewhere else to land.

              1. Ah. The vagaries of global climate change and an un-pinned and roving gulf stream. The earth mother Goddess is washing you away while she’s baking, dusting and burning us in California. She will be sure (one way or another) to restore environmental balance.

                Perhaps you could bottle the water and ship it here. 🙂

Thoughts? I love those.

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