I would stand on this street corner

a thousand lifetimes with you

watching life and death wash over

like water on rock

while we pretend

we’re not eroding.

*speaking of water, I’m heading to the beach for some waves and sunshine this upcoming week. See you guys when I get back!  🙂


9 thoughts on “Deterioration

  1. Goodness, girl. This clicks right into the atmosphere, the feel, the mood and theme of a long piece that I am working on….and will be working on for years. I may have to borrow this, with all due credit of course.
    So much said with so little. Your economy of words is enviable.

    1. Are we on the same wavelength once again, my friend? 😀 Thanks so much for the kind words – and of course, borrow away!

      I’m very excited about this new piece of yours… will we be seeing any glimpses in the near future? Sincerely hope so!

      1. Definitely on the same wavelength, even on the same wave I’d say! Watching it all wash away…

        Not really sure how much I’ll share. It’s an idea so big that I can barely wrap my own head around it. I have bits and pieces written, which “came to me” and made me realize I had to write this piece, but it’s novel-length or will be eventually….when I figure out where it’s all going.

        I probably won’t share it on WP but I may be asking for input from my close blog-friends, yourself included of course.

        Many more pieces have been “snicking” into place lately. I’m in not big hurry. I plan on it taking many years. It’s still evolving. Changing, Growing.

        I’ll definitely keep you in the loop.

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