We Are Lung Cancer

I try not to think in terms of time

because some seasons have lasted longer than people

and this world will gladly outlive you.

The clock is not your friend –

it swings its arms around in a wild attempt

to defy you – it ticks and whines like

a toddler throwing a tantrum and

it always gets its way.

The young and the old are on a conveyer belt,

a rotating assembly line belching you

into life and out of it again –

yes, I believe in reincarnation.

You are caught in the smoker’s lungs

of Time and it is perpetually

trying to cough you out.


14 thoughts on “We Are Lung Cancer

  1. Holy Christ! I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I did, I’d say that Time coughed up a 92-year-old woman in you. There is a conveyor belt of wisdom flows through that head of yours.

      1. and speaking of Conveyor Belts and Connections, here’s more from Mr. Biespiel:

        “Since culture and society existed both before we live and after we die, poetry is a link to our passage through our own time and a record of poets’ perspectives throughout time.

        We know that human beings are intrinsically connected to one another in how we assert our being. When we read a poem, we are in the presence of this link. We are open to the metaphors of our shared natures. ”

        (!!!!!!!!!! — I think he may be in the same factory with us! He probably works the Widget Assembly Line….)


        1. “If we care about order and disorder, then poetry matters because it is the art of the utterance of beauty and the grotesque.”

          I love this beyond words.

          Most definitely in the same factory 😉

  2. This is poem seems to be written about a dream I had many years back of people (and me) all on a giant conveyor belt going to around to death. I stepped off to watch a while but everyone else road as placid as cattle till they plunked off. Have you been spying on my dreams?

    Very nicely written. I second JCC’s notion that time coughed up a 92 year old woman POET in you. Hang on to her. 🙂

    1. Dream spying? Perhaps. I would consider myself very lucky for falling into that head of yours 😉

      I think we’re all really old inside. I think we’re timeless.

      Thanks for this,


  3. I love your writing. Seriously. Your anthology piece is one of my favorites and the one u did for coffee house was great too. 🙂

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