Falling of Bombs

I have had enough

of bombing children

humanity, have you finally run

your course?

I am behind every trigger

of every gun, killing myself

over and over

murderer and victim

I play every part

I am the mother at the border

and the guard turning me away

I am the woman in the dark alley

and the one raping me

I am the little girl shot down in school

and I am the gun advocate

I am everyone sometimes

encasing mankind, unable to snip away

the parts that don’t make sense

I die then go on living

and somewhere a child is told

that war is the only option

and that child will march

in an army on his father’s orders

and I can’t yell my love

across broken down countries

and fresh graveyards

I can’t braid a flower into the hair

of every dead body and

I can’t wipe the blood off

every baby’s lips

and I can’t block out the screaming of those

with deeper voices than mine

and I don’t know where to turn

when the world has turned its back

on the voiceless

I can’t read a poem

to those who have never heard one

while in the next room

a world leader is declaring that

some words are more valid than other words

and I can’t tell you life is worth it

while others are told they’re not worth life

I can’t sing to the beating of war drums

I can’t take you in my arms

and dance to the falling of bombs.


20 thoughts on “Falling of Bombs

  1. Oh. Dear. This time you stole my breath and brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for writing poetry for social justice and change. Thanks for dancing with me while the bombs drop. Much love. Alice

  2. This is really, really good. Pity the world is so sad and broken but maybe the poets of the world will help fix it.

  3. That reminds me very much on the Israel – Gaza crisis and ISIS over in Iraq, it gives a real sense that you are in a matter of life and death situation and the panic these civilians are at. brilliant poem.

  4. Damn. You took the
    words right out of
    the mouth of my poem,
    and made them better.

    I suppose I’ll attempt it
    anyway but what your
    words have shown
    my eyes will be the
    breath that stirs it.

    1. Wowza! When poetry starts reeling in poetry, that’s when you know you’ve hit the jackpot 😀

      Thanks for this, Johnny. If eyes stir words, I’m glad those eyes are yours.

    1. Thank you so much! And I agree. I was unsure about a few of these lines (the one about rape in particular) but I thought, to hell with it. The world doesn’t care about offending us.

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