The moon from the fog like a breath

like a whisper from a passing fairy

a grain of sugar held in suspension

and all the tongues of the earth

raising to the sky to be

the first to lick it away.

if you could hold the universe

like a speck of salt between

your finger and your thumb

if you could taste stardust

like cinnamon on October apples

if you could climb up the ladder

of darkness and see it all beneath you

the size of a gumdrop

would you call it sweet

or would you tell me

your teeth are too rotten

for candy?


11 thoughts on “Sweets

  1. I usually don’t get poetry, except for Yeats, who can’t picture slouching towards Bethlehem?, but I don’t have trouble getting yours. Good stuff.

    1. Thank you! And no, actually – I’d never read “If” before, but I went and looked it up just now and see how its structure is similar to mine. That’s pretty neat! 🙂

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