I pick up a phone and the voice on the other side says

Stop needing your life to matter so much,

that these pieces of paper I crumple up and

toss at cave walls send no vibrations,

that the other side of the conversation

was only ever a mirror talking to itself.

Someone was shouting at me

from the end of this cavern

but all that’s left now is the echo of

my own yells seeping through the chasm

to promise me I’m not alone.

I sit with my back to the noise,

waiting for my pupils to dilate so

I can learn to live with this darkness.


10 thoughts on “Vibrations

    1. Whoops, that’s exactly what I meant! Typo, all fixed now 🙂 Thanks!

      And hahaha this made me laugh. Very true! Don’t believe the sunny exterior, ever. Believe the poetry.

  1. I have to agree with what’s been said, I especially liked the last three lines, they were potent and perfect, a fitting end. You have a keening style, one that digs in to the mess of human emotion, and somehow manages to surface with something coherent yet still as evocative of the chaos of it all. Wonderfully written, thank you for this.

    1. “Something coherent yet still as evocative of the chaos of it all.” You said this beautifully!

      Thank you so incredibly much. I love hearing your thoughts – they make my day.

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