The Life We Got

I’m sorry this isn’t the one

we end up together in.

I felt that reality slip through my fingers

like kite string –

the wind might have caught it

had we run just a little bit faster.

Now the sky’s left without us

and we’re racing in separate directions

to catch it.


10 thoughts on “The Life We Got

  1. I love the simile “like kite string” and I am going to be presumptuous here as I am not a poet. I wonder if the poem would not be stronger if lines 5 and 6 and 9 were left out. Just my thought so tell me to sod off if you wish. Line 2 also leaves me a bit dissatisfied, something to do with the scanning somehow. I have no right to make these comments. Please take them as coming from someone who loves your writing and lurks reading all your poems.

Thoughts? I love those.

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