I’m Related to the Wright Brothers

And I feel it sometimes, the mad urge

to launch into the sky with

all of humanity in my arms.

What was in their heart, I wonder –

in that moment when

wood and canvas came together

and man’s wings were born?

Somewhere my skin tingles

with recognition, knows what it’s like

to be closer to the sun

than anyone before.

Passed down in my lineage

is the thirst for air, a love of birds.

I watch doves with a notepad on my lap

and draw up blueprints.

I want to invent flight in my backyard.

The best I can do these days is

tear a poem into bits and watch

the wind carry away the pieces.

They fly repulsed from me.

I’ve never even been on an airplane.


8 thoughts on “I’m Related to the Wright Brothers

Thoughts? I love those.

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