Experimenting with the style of one of my friends. His is a dark one.

I want you to take me by the tongue
Pinch it between your nails
Until I think up something worth saying
With my spit running down your hand
Like runoff toward the water supply
I’ll try to spell out in my iris
let me know if you’re seeing words in this darkness
let me know if your pupils are dilating

Tell me about the time we laid down the pistol
And put our hands to better use
When we didn’t accept gunshots as music
When we decided the laws didn’t apply to us
And gravity shut off for the first time e v e r
When we smacked our heads on the ceiling
And the ensuing concussions
Thank God for them everyday

You know I’ve forgotten how to sing
Through the teeth of a maniac
So stuff the notes down my throat
Entire fist down my windpipe
Until I gag up a tune
People will clap to

This is not the reason we write
So stop with the bullshit
Grab a pen and bleed it
Until it tells you what you need to hear
Grab a person and bleed them
Until they tell you what you need to hear
Make your desperate lunge for reassurance
All we want is to be told we’re right
With our hand around a throat
Hold you hostage until you
Repeat after me

I will spew my love and spew my hatred
Salivate until my body shrivels
To nothing more than a pair of lips
Endlessly parting to mouth
The same words over and over
Until there’s no one left to
Tell me to shut up
We get it


5 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Okay. I had trouble clicking “like” on this one. It’s very good. But how do I say “like’ to something this graphic and dark. But I do. Like it. Very much. Wow. Intense.

    1. I love these little poems you leave at the bottom of mine 🙂 They contribute so much to the conversation.

      Yes, being unsettled is a good thing, sometimes a great thing, one of my favorite feelings. We need to be shaken around a little bit before it all settles in the right place…

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